Morcilla Morsels

Some of the reactions I get from people when I describe black pudding are downright amusing.

To be fair though, I can’t really blame someone for scrunching their face when I explain it’s a sausage made from congealed pigs blood, herbs and spices.

90% of the time I have to follow the explanation with “It sounds gross, however…” but the fact is, black pudding (or Morcilla as we call it in Argentina) is a rich and delicious dish.

In Argentina, we throw these on the BBQ with the beef ribs and chorizo. Due to their richness, you generally won’t eat a whole one but certainly add it to your meal.

I’ve noticed over the last few years restaurants have been including it on their menus which is great to see. You will most commonly see it served with scallops, which is what I decided to go for this weekend.

I thought it would be a great idea to serve it with pickled vegetables and a beetroot and roast garlic puree.

Don’t be scared to try this wonderful dish!

Morcilla - try it!


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