All ducks in a row

I’ve been toying with the idea of cooking duck for a very long time, specially after seeing this video. I wanted to put a dish together that was not only elegant but also incorporated a variety of flavour profiles as duck meat is a little more robust and has a gamey taste.

If you have never had the pleasure of eating duck – do yourself a massive favour and try it.

I was able to get duck breast from Prime Quality Meats in Balgowlah stocklands. 2 Duck breasts set me back $23 which is quite pricey, but well worth it. Even more reason to create a dish that would do justice to it!

I had a good think about what I wanted on the plate. I wanted different textures, I wanted some acidity to cut the richness of the duck and I also really really wanted artichokes.

There was actually a fair amount of prep I had to do before I could put it all together. The artichokes were probably the most fiddly part, I almost messed up my potatoes which would have messed up my timings and to be honest, the amount of food that was produced for the amount of work was minimal! However, the end result, in my opinion was well worth it.

Duck - Done.

Duck - Delicious - try it!

Duck - it's what the cool kids are eating.

So there we have it. Roast duck breast, sauteed potatoes topped off with pan fried artichokes, fennel radish and chive salad with a side of chimichurri.


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2 Responses to All ducks in a row

  1. Lynn says:

    omg… that looks spectacular Dan! i know what i want for that cooking evening thingy now… damn! ur so talented!

  2. Sexy plating going on there. I’d like to do duck with glazed cherry sauce some day – robust flavours tend to go well with sweet and sour.

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